English summary

Hnutí DUHA Olomouc (Friends of the Earth Czech Republic – Olomouc local group) is the biggest Czech FoE local group with twenty-years history in nature conservation and protection of environment.

A non-governmental, non-profit organization is active in Olomouc region since 1991. The NGO is based in Central Moravia, but focuses much on Carpathians (Beskydy Mts.) as well. The main activities in Carpathian region stem from the conservation of large carnivores (wolves, lynx and bears), which include monitoring and direct protection against poaching with the help of volunteers, education programs/seminars  for children, students and adults as well as public awareness campaign on national level. Special emphasis is dedicated to monitoring of wildlife corridors and their conservation.

In Olomouc region, FoE focus also on local environmental problems, especially protection of trees and green in urban and suburban areas, support of organic agriculture, recycling in waste management, sustainable way of living and free consultancy in environmental issues. Important part of our work is participation in decision making processes, dealing with local authorities, expert studies and release of education materials as well.

During past years, over three hundred of trained volunteers from all over the country have been involved in large carnivore project, thousands of people attended our educational programs and hundreds of  thousands leaflets have been released for the public. Beside this, field monitoring enhanced the knowledge and skills of many volunteers and collected data have served as an important source of large carnivores occurrence and habits for several scientific studies.

More information about large carnivore issues on special website www.carnivores.cz